Jordan Brazie


Designed primarily for punchy beach breaks and hollow situations. This stretched out outline of a modern traditional single fin offers a ton of versatility. From single fin, twin fin, 2+1, or a quad for waves over chest to head high. This Swiss Army knife of a board offers a large sweet spot for enhancing confidence and vase wave exploration.

Size Range:
5'6 - 8'0

Wave Size:
2ft to 12ft+

Fin Setup:
Single, Thruster, Quad, 4+1, Bonzer-5 or Tri-Bonzer

What I ride:
6'3 Single Fin


Available for Custom order Starting at $700

$400 deposit required on orders

Let's Get Started

Upon placing your order and making a deposit (using the let's get started button on this page) you should expect to hear back from Valaric Surfboards shaper Jordan Brazie within about 48 hours. At that time we'll discuss your future surf craft (or set up a time to do so) going over the details of your order from the first cut to the final touch. So, if you don't see an option you have in mind on our order form have no fear, if you can dream it we can probably do it. At this time we'll also direct you to a web address that you can check in on periodically to see photos of and receive updates on your board as it's being built. You can also make any additional payments through this page. Once the board is completed we'll be in touch again to arrange delivery / pickup of your new board and to encourage you to finalize payment if need be. If placing orders over the internet isn't your thing feel free to contact us through the form at the bottom of this page or give us a call at 757-439-2104.